We Deliver!

Pizza craving? We have them all and we deliver!

1. Hawaiian
2. Margherita
3. Pesto Chicken
4. BBQ Chicken
5. Sofra Special
6. Buffalo Chicken
7. Vegetarian
8. Alla Francese
9. Salsicia aka Sausage
10. Capriciossa
11. Sofra Urbana
12. Meat Lovers
13. Gluten Free

Pizza making has a very long history with us. Some secrets were passed from father to son, and for some we even spent time in Italy mastering the art of pizza with chefs.

It takes a lot of time for someone to master the way of the original pizza, and to graduate to be named a pizza chef. That's why we truly understand the value of quality cheese, virgin olive oil, organic fresh vegetables and very tasty meat.

For every pizza we use only the best ingredients, and depending how you like the crust we can make it extra crispy or thick, all while using the brick oven to give it that signature taste of Sofra Urbana.

Mirza Hasanefendic